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The return to vintage has arrived en masse in recent years and if there is a category that has been strongly impacted by this trend, it is surely the world of streetwear. Indeed, many brands are making a comeback thanks to this return of old vibes. This is the case of Karl Kani, a hip-hop clothing brand created in 1989 and popularized by celebrities like Tupac Shakur or Aaliyah.

Other brands are also emerging in the world of vintage streetwear: Champion, Kappa, Fila or even some Tommy Hilfiger pieces. The 90s permeate today's fashion with pop and retro colors. We find a return to oversize: wide joggers, loose sweatshirts.

Streetwear was born in the 80s. It is a style originally associated with hip-hop. This musical style is all the rage among the youth of New York, we see a real culture developing around this universe. The so-called "ghettos" are highlighted with a refreshing urban originality. Art is enriched by the arrival of street art in the streets of the ghettos. This burst of talent is felt in the style of these young people: color, patterns and comfort.

Indeed, bright colors and patterns were not to be banished if one wanted to be trendy. Moreover, the wide and ample cuts were also privileged to adapt to the lifestyle of these young people switching between dance and other activities like basketball or skateboarding.

Another brand is currently all the rage and also comes straight from the old school: Vans. This Californian brand of sports shoes, especially skateboard, is a real must-have, like the Vans sk8-Hi which is the pair of the moment.


Other retro sneaker brands are making a comeback, like Nike.

Indeed, Nike is playing a lot on the reissue of its old models. This emblematic brand of sportswear also uses, to profit, this return to vintage to offer visibility to its old models to have in his closet as the Air Force, Air Jordan or even the Nike SB Dunk popularized in the late 90s. This represents a real triumph for Nike since we have more than these sneakers in mouth when we talk about urban style. Just look at the undeniable success of vintage models like the Air Jordan 1 or Air Jordan Retro 11.

Nike also uses collaborations to modernize its old sneakers.
There are several collaborations on the Air Jordan 1 with designers, luxury brands and celebrities. The Off-White brand has launched several Nike models with the famous "zip tie". Travis Scott also redesigned the Air Jordan with a reverse swoosh. Recently, Maison Château Rouge, the brand with countless designs, designed its Air Jordan Mid model.

Like its competitor Nike, Adidas has remastered several pieces from its past collections with Adidas Originals. We find the famous Stan Smith, the Superstar and more recently a reissue of the Falcon, having for muse an influential celebrity being none other than Kylie Jenner.


To conclude, we see a real return to the roots advantageous for streetwear brands that bring out their best vintage pieces.

The vintage is so popular that it becomes difficult to access: the original items of brands like Adidas or Nike are often out of stock.

The old school phenomenon is based on one fact: fashion has a replay button and nothing is "has-been" enough to end up in the back of your closet forever.


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