Streetwear brand own by women

Streetwear brand own by women


    WOMEN in the STREETWEAR industry 

    As we all know, 8th of march is a very special day for every woman in the world. women have undoubtedly made great difference in various fields. and as fashion lovers, it only makes sense to talk about “women and streetwear”. streetwear was for a long time focused on curating designs specifically for men. but more recently, the influence of creative women on this fashion style is ascending as more female designers, stylists and influencers started showing great interest in it, and certainly elevated it to its purest form. in this post, we are going to shed light on the thriving women streetwear designers and its massively growing customer base.


    Back in the ’90s, a number of women-driven streetwear labels flourished, with the likes of Milk Fed and X-girl. And in the present time, there are many brands that also do women wear (AlyxA-Cold-Wall, and Stüssy…), but what about apparel that’s designed and destined for women? The answer to this question is illustrated by the story of two big brands.


    MadeMe was founded by Erin Magee in 2007, and she managed to get her brand in stores like Dover Street Market New York and Opening Ceremony (mainly thanks to its simple cuts and lower price point). Magee is actually a designer at Supreme (you can say that MadeMe was her side hustle); she was working as an assistant at Umbro beforehand: Supreme in its beginning wanted to collaborate with Umbro, but nobody there knew about it, except for Magee. Her former boss at Umbro let her handle this collaboration that started in 2005 with soccer jerseys and lasted two seasons. And that was how Supreme recruited her. Although she loved her job at SupremeMagee had her own dreams to pursue; she wanted to do something creative that is more geared towards women, in her words: “what a cool girl wants”. As a young Canadian girl, Magee wore X-girl and Milk Fed, which made want to move to New York so badly, especially after learning about Supreme. All Magee kept thinking about when she designed her clothes is the identity of girls that she was making apparel for : Who are these cute girls? What do they want to wear? How do they act like…? And she does what go along her vision and goals, she comes up with designs she wants, sells to stores she cares to, and you guessed it, collaborates with brands she likes. She’s done capsules with Converse and Vans, and also collaborated with X-Girl in 2016.



    The other brand that’s interesting to talk about in this context would be Ashley Williams. Launched in spring 2015, Williams’ clothing is similarly simplistic to what MadeMe had to offer. She started by putting a photograph of River Phoenix onto a T-shirt, then, she made it into a dress and added some of her touch with a beaded fringe bralette over it. For fall 2018, she created a collection of tea dresses you’d normally think are vintage, but with her brilliant sense of fashion, made them up to date. In that same collection, she designed a perfectly cut pink fleece and a pair of sweatpants that said “TRUST ME.” which was for some one of the coolest suit looks at the time. Any cool girl would love to wear Williams’ black fur slides with diamanté that said “ANXIETY,” and there’s a pair of earrings to match, along with sweatshirts, shirts, and accessories printed with “SEX,” (This was a tribute to the cover of a Shakespears Sister's album).

    Both of these brands offer a kind of working definition for what women-centric streetwear should be like, with their weird yet outstanding designs which is fitting for all women who are obsessed with streetwear. And at the end of this post we want to wish all the women of the world a HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!

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