No man's wardrobe would be complete without a hoodie. As a street style or streetwear classic, the hoodie is the ultimate combination of style and comfort. Here's our style guide on the best ways to style this iconic menswear piece. In fact, more and more women are adopting it as part of their everyday style.

    The hoodie has a storied past, but with its comfort and style, it's here to stay. Knowing how to style a hoodie can be difficult, but if you know what to pair it with, you can throw it on for a quick style to stay warm and comfortable, or use it for a more edgy look when dressing up. Thanks to the new love of sportswear that has emerged in recent years, the hoodie can be easily incorporated into any outfit, while still looking presentable. So here's your guide on how to wear a hoodie so you can master the piece.




    Hoodies are some of the most versatile outerwear available for men. This means that they come in an infinite number of colours and styles, each working in its own way. However, if you are trying to wear a truly classic hoodie design, then a grey hoodie will always be a winner. Whether you're looking for a sporty hoodie to wear while pumping iron at the gym or just to go to the pub with your mates, the classic grey hoodie will always keep you coming back. One of the best things about wearing a grey hoodie is the monochromatic, neutral shade of colour it has. As with black, wearing a colour like grey means you can combine it with any other colour and it will work.


    While it's perfectly stylish to just wear a grey hoodie as the main outerwear in your look, it can also be ideal to combine it with other items such as jackets. This can add some extra detail to your style and is perfect for layering during the autumn months. When you wear a grey hoodie, by collating with other monochrome colours, you can end up creating an outfit that is beautifully dressed and minimalist. For example, try wearing a grey hoodie under a classic camel coat. Pair this look with jeans and Chelsea boots for a fall look that will work for any casual occasion.


    Want a classic hoodie that's more versatile than a grey hoodie, but doesn't show your sweat marks when you run? Then a black hoodie is for you. As with all black clothing, a black hoodie is a great way to make any outfit instantly more stylish. That's the joy of the colour black, not only does it go with anything, it's also extremely sleek and stylish. There's a reason why everyone wears it.


    As already mentioned, the joy of plain black hoodies is that they will more or less go with anything. This means you can afford to experiment and have fun trying out different outfits with a black hoodie. However, if you want to keep things simple and simply stylish, then try wearing an all black look. Although you have to be careful not to look like a 16 year old goth kid, as long as you are careful, wearing all black with a hoodie can be extremely fashionable. Just as wearing a denim jacket with a grey hoodie is a perfect way to layer your outfit, wearing a black leather jacket is a great alternative for a black hoodie. Wearing a leather jacket is also a good way to make your outfit a little more formal, preventing the hoodie from becoming too sporty or casual. Pair this outfit with a pair of black jogging bottoms or jeans for the perfect sporty-luxe look. Finally, to add some colourful detail and to keep the outfit from becoming too dark, throw on a pair of blue or grey trainers. If you want to accessorise, invest in a pair of sunglasses or a cap.



    Of all the men's hoodies we look for, a white hoodie is probably the most adventurous colour you could buy one in. Although white clothing is similar to black in that it is a nice base colour, because it is much lighter it can sometimes overpower an outfit. However, if worn correctly, then a white hoodie can be extremely stylish. As a white hoodie is a bit of a statement piece, it's a good idea to keep the rest of your outfit fairly low key to prevent your look from becoming too loud or too high. Wearing black is a good way to do this. Black and white are the most opposite colours you can get, which makes them extremely complementary. Why don't you try combining your white hoodie with black trousers or jeans? The binary contrast creates a perfect balance in your style. To add some layering to your outfit, try wearing a black jacket over your hoodie. Finish the look with a pair of black leather trainers.



    Why not take it a step further and dress up the hoodie for a more sophisticated look with a bomber or trench coat suit, perfect for chilly nights. Luckily for the hoodie, it's an essential piece of anyone's wardrobe and you can wear it in a variety of ways and still look fashionable. Stick to a neutral coloured hoodie and pair it with a lightly washable denim jacket. Contrasting colours will give an eye-catching look; for a more Autumn/Winter look, wear a hat in the same colour as your hoodie to keep the outfit together.

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