7 signs that you are a Hypebeast

7 signs that you are a Hypebeast


    Are you a Hypebeast ?

    Anyone can appreciate Supreme or any Hypebeast brand, they are great products and quality, so here are some specific characteristics that will help define if you are a Hypebeast or not.

    1. For a brand to be legitimatelike a Hypebeast in your eyes, you must have heard of it.

    To validate a brand, it must already be known. You don't want to be the first person to wear a piece of clothing. The only goal for you is to wear clothes and shoes from brands that are already known to have immediate social accreditation and recognition. You only look for brands that are overexposed and are even already exposed on hypebeast.com

    2. You mix streetwears brands in an almost crazy way

    Being a true hypebeast leads you to wear different brands from head to toe. It doesn't matter if your outfit matches or not. You don't care about the color scheme or the shape. All that matters to you is the high end of what you are wearing and you want the brand logos on your clothes to be visible. A line up and an accumulation of big brands in your outfit is the only thing that matters to you. If you are this kind of person, chances are you are a hypebeast.

    3. You have a strong attachment to your sneaker collection

    You must have a well-protected sneaker collection in an almost secret room. There is no hypebeast worthy of the name who does not have a personal collection of sneakers. This room is your pride and joy and you do your best to show it to everyone who comes to your house. It's a real sanctuary that you call your wardrobe. You regularly update the contents of your sneaker room according to the new items on the market.

    4. You only buy popular brands streetwears

    You only buy the clothes and shoes known by the prestigious brands. You don't buy just any streetwear brand that you find on the internet or in stores. The brand has to be popular to get your attention. You even check if the brand or the model has references or articles dedicated to it on hypebeast.com

    5. You like to wear the same streetwear clothes as celebrities

    You pay special attention and importance to the clothes that celebrities wear. Once you see something worn by a celebrity, your only goal is to get the same t-shirt or sneaker, no matter what the price is. That's why you subscribe to so many rapper and celebrity accounts on social networks. You make sure you know what the celebrities are wearing.

    6. You spend a lot of time getting ready before going out

    No matter what kind of outing you're going on, you always spend a lot of time (several hours) getting ready. You hate rushing. To get ready, you have to take your time. This can be very unpopular, especially if you are a man.

    7. You spend more on the latest streetwear clothes than on the basics.

    You are willing to sacrifice on your basic needs to afford the latest clothes and shoes. Price is not important to you. You know you'll find a way to get that latest fashionable sneaker. You're willing to make huge sacrifices to do so.

    You don't have to be a Hypebeast to have style
    As you can see, a hypebeast follows the hype by trying to get the rarest and most expensive products.
    However, you don't have to be a hypebeast to have style and everyone knows that. If you want to stand out in your streetstyle, come and take a look at our collections, you will surely find the rare pearl among our streetwear Hoodies or our cargo pants


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