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Streetwear Clothing, your reference streetwear store

Streetwear Shop is a team of young entrepreneurs who have been passionate about streetwear since they were young. Inspired by famous streetwear brands like. Ellesse, Supreme or Stussy, our t-shirts, hoodies and Streetwear Pants are first designed by our team of designers.

After that, we validate or not the creation of the streetwear piece according to its originality, its design, etc...  Finally comes the creation of the streetwear garment after analysis and consultation of our talented fashion designers. All this process allows us to offer you Streetwear sets that cannot be found in the market and that will give you an inimitable Streetwear look.

Whether you are looking for a Parka, a long sleeve T-shirt, short sleeve T-shirt, Reflective Jacket, Reflective Pants... Our wide range of Streetwear products will delight you and bring your Streetwear Style up to date.

If you are a Sneakers addict, our collection of Streetwear Sneakers will certainly bring you the final touch to your Streetwear outfit. Moccasins, high heels or boots or sneakers, you have the choice. You will be able to couple your pair of Sneakers with Streetwear socks and reflective laces for example, to be even more anchored in the urban culture.

Streetwear Men or Streetwear Women, you will have the choice, because most of our Streetwear Sets are unisex. We have for example Women's Cargo Pants that will delight ladies, while being sure to keep the elegance and grace that characterizes them. For men too, Beige Cargo Pants or Black Cargo Pants, blue... We have made sure at Streetwear Shop to bring a maximum of variety of colors, size, style to our collections of urban clothing. So there will surely be Streetwear outfits that will match your style.

Most of our hip hop and casual clothing is in stock, so you can order safely. Fashion is an art, the expression of one's personality goes through the clothing and the claim of a full-fledged style allows to gather whole groups of people linked by the same trend.


Streetwear enthusiasts ready to help you

Our passion for streetwear also allows us to give you fashion advice if you wish, so don't hesitate to send us a message via live chat or by email at

We take great pleasure in sharing our passion for Urban culture and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Streetwear ensembles. What to wear with a mesh T-shirt? a sleeveless down jacket? low or high top sneakers? So many questions about fashion that you probably ask yourself, and we can help you.

You can also check out our different Blogs on how to wear a Hoodie with style, how and with what to wear Cargo Pants, What is Streetwear, etc.... All our fashion articles are here to help you find the Streetwear Style that fits you and that will help you expand your wardrobe with unique and fashionable accoutrements, the elegance of a long jacket or the retro look of a vintage jacket... We even have a jean jacket that will make you wish you had known about our streetwear store before! Whether it's Asian or Japanese Streetwear, or rather Skatewear, Urbanwear, Sportswear... Our new collection of Asian clothing has everything you need. We are always up to date with the latest trends of the big streetwear brands, luxury brand or not, to offer you always new content and accessories, Old school or New school.


Streetwear brand: origin and evolution in the world

The streetwear look first appeared in the United States in the 1970s in parallel with the blossoming of urban style and its various elements: skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop music, punk, urban art (graffiti). Originating from the street, it comes from an impulse of young people in underprivileged areas who sought to show a free individual culture.

Lacking financial means, these young people were content with what they had to create a unique style, originating from their own. The value of a streetwear outfit does not come from the streetwear itself, but from the urban codes that we try to pass through this simple support. The most important thing is to evoke as much authenticity, originality and freedom as possible in your masterpieces.


Shawn Stüssy, the father of streetwear according to legend

Legend has it that the first streetwear shop belongs to Shawn Stüssy. Considered the father of streetwear, Shawn sold surfboards on the beaches of Los Angeles. In the 1980's, he was inspired by hip-hop style to create a whole new business: selling urban style graphic t-shirts.

He started designing different styles of t-shirts with graffiti on them, bearing the name of his brand: Stüssy. This ingenious idea not only allowed him to raise millions of dollars, but also inspired a wave of urban culture grouped under the streetwear style. The explosion of the number of streetwear websites today is proof of this.


The evolution of streetwear

The evolution of urban clothing marketing in the 1990s marked the upheaval of streetwear in the United States and many countries in Europe. At the time, hip-hop clothing was defined by a large graphic t-shirt and creeping baggies. It was mostly referred to as urbanwear.

Also at the same time, the gangster lifestyle embodied in Tupac and Biggie helped propel streetwear to a more targeted audience. It is from this ideology that several well-known streetwear brands like Supreme and BAPE were born.

The 2000s represent a memorable turning point in the evolution of streetwear. Hip Hop music became more and more popular, especially among young people who started to adopt the streetwear look little by little, with the help of baseball caps and hoodies for example. We start to see men and women wearing streetwear jackets, streetwear t-shirts, streetwear jogging suits, streetwear sweaters when it's cold, streewear pants and even streetwear accessories in the streets, and this internationally.

In men's fashion, the famous rapper Lil Wayne is raising awareness for reflective clothing open to all. It didn't take long for fans to start wearing them. And to make more money, the famous rappers of the time each launched a brand of women's streetwear and men's streetwear in turn. From this concept, influence marketing was born.

Streetwear in the 21st century

From streetwear to a ready-to-wear collection for luxury brands, streetwear has undergone a wide evolution from its beginnings to today. Originally, it is known as a style of clothing that prioritizes a large reflective outfit such as XXL or baggy jeans with drooping sleeves. Not to mention the hoodie with a wide armhole combined with a cap and heavy sneakers...

Of course, we can still call this kind of clothing "streetwear", but not only. Indeed, in the 21st century, the streetwear look adopts a freer and more diversified definition. Today, the cuts are more curved and the collections are made of more noble materials. Also, the sober style replaces wonderfully the huge prints that we find for most of the time on a basic streetwear set.

Luxury brands such as Gucci will create blazers or jerseys that are high end but comfortable and casual, with innovative materials such as cashmere or crocodile, to inspire youth to be as comfortable in a sweatshirt as in a three piece suit.

Little by little, streetwear is leaving the ideology of the non-conformist youth culture to suit all age groups in society. Streetwear stores, streetwear shops and streetwear websites are popping up everywhere to meet the needs of a more diversified clientele. Nevertheless, the current streetwear collections still respect the three basic principles of authenticity, originality and freedom.

Reflective Jackets: The new trend

We want to bring as much freshness and renewal as possible to our catalogs of clothing for men and women. It is important to be in adequacy with its time and the new tendencies evolve very quickly, that it is for the young generation but also for the older people it is necessary to show of inspiration to manage to dissociate itself and to have an outstanding look.

Reflective jackets, reflective pants and reflective jogging suits have recently become very popular with rappers, singers and other web stars for their flashy and m'a tu vu look. That's why Streetwear Clothings Shop has decided to get up to date and launch its own collection of reflective clothing: Reflective Pants for Men, Reflective Pants for Women, Reflective Jackets... You will find everything you need to attract attention and perfect your wardrobe by adding variety.

Our wide range of reflective jackets, or glow in the dark jackets, are unique and have been created for your comfort and to innovate in the world of fashion. And if you want to take it a step further, you can even pick up a reflective ensemble that will give you an eye-catching look.